Foot complaints are extremely common and can be unbearably uncomfortable. If left untreated, these can lead to a series of future problems potentially walking, bathing and even sleeping can cause considerable discomfort. Pulborough Podiatry is here to help.

Treatment, Advice & Help for all

Foot problems come in many shapes & sizes, and are different from person to person. That’s why when looking for help, it’s important you received a simple, personal approach which is tailored to all of your needs. At Pulborough Podiatry Limited, I work on each patient as a new individual, and treat each condition with the upmost care & professionalism.  This ensures the correct evaluation is carried out to receive the right treatment.

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If you would like to inquire about further advice, or talk about any of the information above, please don’t hesitate to contact Dawn– I’m here to help!

There are many ways to get into contact with the Clinic, head over to the contact page to find out how you can get in touch.

Where to find the Clinic

The Clinic is located in the village of Pulborough, just off the A283. The full address can be located on the top of the menu. Alternatively, please visit the Location page, where you can find a detailed map.

If you are unable to make it to our facilities, we also offer a home visit service. For more information on this, please head over to our Services page.